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Last Update January 2002

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Size 120x90 cm (left) - 150x100 cm (right), oil on canvas

Semar and his sons by Soedibio
In Wayang legendary, Semar and his three sons were called "Punakawan" meaning the servants of the Pandawa royalty. Semar himself is an important mysterious figure in the Indonesian traditional wayang performance , with a visible sign of sacredness, his checkered hipcloth. he is not only loved, but revered and regarded as the most sacred figure in the whole wayang legendary. He usualy appeared on the screen , only when danger is greatest, the distress of his master deepest, and when help is essential. Semar and his sons Gareng, Petruk and Bagong represented the voice of the simple village folk, wich formed the greatest majority of the population; with all their strength, misery and wisdom. Without their support, advice and succor the whole kingdom might be lost.        Albeit standing behind the Five Pandawa hierarchy, Semar and his sons as the manifestation of the people's power and wisdom, contributed an outstanding role in Pandawa's reigning policy.

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